Next week-end: The 12th edition of Ultra Trail Australia!

10 Μάι 2019

We are moving fast on the circuit! The ninth race of the 2019 UTWT circuit is starting in only one week now and will take place in Australia... We'll be back at Blue Mountains National Park for the Ultra-Trail Australia, race with the Pro status on the 2019 Ultra-Trail® World Tour calendar! Who will be the next champions?! Last year's winners are the Australians Brendan DAVIES and Kellie EMMERSON.



They respectively finished the race in 09:18:10 and 11:05:48! Brendan DAVIES will be back to defend his title for the 12th edition of the Ultra-Trail Australia! Emma Rocca et Marcin Swierc are the two UTWT elites' athletes who will be present at UTA! Sustainability is more and more important in the ultra-trail world.

This year, UTA is going to focus even more on sustainability. The organizers know how critical it is to reduce as much as possible environmental impacts. Thus, they encourage athletes to bring their own cups, drink bottles, serve-ware and cutlery. 1472 runners will take the start of the 9th race of the 2019 UTWT circuit

- 100 km

- 4400 M

- Katoomba, Australia

- May 16th



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